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Walmart Tracking is an act of tracking your packages during shipping. For every product to be shipped, it is given a tracking number to enable the receiver to know how the shipping goes. Users can also keep track of the money transfers.  

Walmart Tracking - How To - Track Money Transfer - Track Order

About Walmart Store

Walmart, established by Sam Walton in the year 1962. Thus, it’s an American multinational retail corporation that runs discount department stores, grocery stores and hypermarkets.

It has shop for electronic, home appliances, Clothing etc. So if you are looking for furniture, kitchen items, women and men clothing including babies, you can get it in Walmart store. With Walmart you can pay bills, transfer funds from Walmart to Walmart

How To track Walmart Orders

To track your Walmart order, follow the directives beneath,

  • Move to
  • On the homepage Scroll to the top-left  corner of the page, select “account” icon
  • From the pop-up list, tap on track orders” widget
  • Track to order page comes up, key in your email address and the lady six digits of order number
  • Click on the blue color “view order status” button below.
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I can’t find Walmart Tracking Details

After performing the above instructions, is good you know the following,

  • When an order shipped, it can stay for two days for the tracking to update.
  • Some orders don’t come with a tracking status from the shipping carrier.
  • Orders with processing status don’t have tracking.

Tracking Displays Delivered, yet I can’t find it?

If your order is up to 24 hours, take the step below,

  • Check to see a notice I attempted deliver that the carrier left, it’s possible they kept it with a neighbor.
  • Go round the deliver location to look for the item.
  • Ask people within your compound, to know if they accept the package.
  • Go back online to cross-check if you placed the correct order and also verify the shipping address.
  • Check your mailbox, because some packages are delivered from one carrier to another, which can cause it to delay.

How To Track Walmart Money Transfer

  • Visit
  • Key in the authorization number for the transaction.
  • Wait to receive the confirmation code. If you are the receiver, you will have to get the confirmation code from the sender.
  • When you are done, you will receive a reference number. The person receiving the money to present it to the money transfer center.
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Download Tracking app

This option is best for individuals who wants to perform transactions with their mobile device.  All you need is to download the tracking app for Android or iOS device depending on the type of phone you are using.

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